As long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted green.

Hello there, I’m James M. Chew, the mind behind Lawn Guidance. Embarking on this green adventure, I found myself drawn into the world of lush lawns and vibrant landscapes.

Life’s too short not to enjoy a carpet of green beneath your feet, and that’s what led me to dive into the realm of lawn care.

“A beautiful lawn doesn’t happen by itself. It happens by careful planning, hard work, and a touch of love.”

On my journey, I’ve learned the ins and outs of nurturing a thriving lawn, from the basics of mowing to the secrets of fertilization.

At Lawn Guidance, I’m here to share my experiences, tips, and discoveries with you. Let’s turn your lawn into a green haven together!

Join me as I navigate the simple joys and rewarding challenges of cultivating a beautiful and healthy green space right at your doorstep. Here’s to a world where lawns flourish, and every step is a walk on the greener side.

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